Task - Php Developer

Read the detailed Coding Challenge to develop a simple CRUD application using PHP/MySQL or any PHP frameworks. Do read the description carefully and accept your consent before taking the test so we can know you are interested and are working on the test. Post completion you can call us or write an email regarding the completion so we can have a Skype Meeting and you can show us your work by sharing your screen. 

 [2nd Stage/ Technical Round – Challenge]

Test – Blogging CMS

Short Description- Develop a platform where a user can register as a writer/ blogger and once registered the request goes to admin, admin can approve or disapprove from his dashboard. Once approved the blogger is notified via email that he is now approved to write blogs. He can login to dashboard and go to section called write new article – here he has WYSIWYG editor to add feature image and description and click publish to publish the blog.

[You can use free bootstrap4 templates from online for front end part and apply dynamic functionalities : here we want to analyze your skills to work with front end templates, Understanding client requirements, applying logic and dB skills (PHP and MySQL) : you are free to use Core PHP, OOPs or Laravel /Codeignitor – the one you are comfortable with ]

  • Module 1:

Blog Archive – this would be the front end section open to public list of all the blogs published

Single Blog page – feature image and description with the author name somewhere.

  • Module 2:

Admin Dashboard: here we would like to see two main sections, one section will contain all the registered bloggers list with email address and name and option to approve or reject the request in table format && second section will have all approved bloggers list with the no of blogs each one of them have published so far in a tabular format

  • Module 3:

Login & Registration page for people to register as a blogger asking name and email and create password. Later  if approved by admin then section to login >> go to their dashboard 2 sections : 1st one to add a blog and publish it and 2nd one is to see the list of blogs submitted by him/her in table format one column will be sl no and other column will be just the blog title names.

General Work Flow:

  1. Homepage is the blog archive page so users can open the post they like , design of your choice [use bs4 free templates to save time] in the navigation bar top right 2 links login & register
  2. Register- user can register as blogger – name, email, create password, confirm password >> An email is sent automatically to admin that a new user has registered
  3. The admin now receives the email so he can go to his admin dashboard and see the request and approves or rejects the request. Once approved the email is sent to the user registered that admin has approved your registration and you can start blogging
  4. Now user logins to his/her dashboard and can start adding blogs – feature image, title, and description
  5. These blog posts are displayed in public to all.

Tip: it’s a demo blogging system to gauge your PHP and Database skills, in sessions, mail functions, user privileges, templating abilities. Feel free to use free admin panel templates and blog templates for front end to save time and work on back end rather.

Time Duration: The work completion should be completed on or before 3PM Thursday 11th April 2019.

For any queries regarding test do feel free to write to rakesh@geekywebwizards.com