How we work

Collaboration tool

Collabtic is an off-the-shelf and highly configurable collaboration platform

We have integrated a broad set of use cases and functionality to make it easier for you to integrate Collabtic in to your business processes. Use the platform right out of the box with self customization or we can help perform customizations as well.
Collaboration platform

Step 1: System Setup

We’re here to help you make the most of the Collabtic platform for your business. We’ll work with you review use cases and business objectives to make sure you realize your target objectives and metrics. The initial step is also to discuss single sign-on or other IT security or integration requirements.
Collaboration tool with Data stream

Step 2: Data Import

With the objectives defined, this step is to import any legacy data that may be available, so you can hit the ground running. We have saved our customers significant time and resources by finding innovative methods to import any legacy or locally stored data in to Collabtic.
collaboration tool with orientation

Step 3: Orientation and Launch

As a final step, we will conduct web training sessions, as needed, to ensure your team is comfortable for Collaboration and ready to execute. Typically, our customers have needed little training due to the intuitiveness of the user interface. Upon launch, we are always available to make any system adjustments or provide support as needed.