We believe: “Be There When Your Customers Are Looking For You Online”

One of the most important customer service feature a company can provide is to be available 24/7 online to serve its customers – websites do that since the Internet is 24 hours a day. Not all people are active, or interested in your business from 9am-5pm. Your competitors are online. Your audience is online. You need to be there too.

Hence we are here to help all businesses or corporations be online 24/7 through its website or with various business automation solutions that serve your customers on your behalf. 


We are dedicated to make “Geeky Web Wizards ” one place where all your hunt in searching for tools to grow online or dominate online ends.

Started as a freelancer we have grown now as a good team of professionals to solve  almost all challenges that a business face when it comes to digital presence and brand reputation management online.

Feel free to discuss your ideas and vision for your business development. Hope we both learn from each other..